The strategic goals which will guide the future direction of the OAG of SWSS in achieving its mandate during the strategic plan period will be as follows:
Goal 1

To enhance quality, and timeliness of audit reports

Objectives of Goal 1:-
1) Strengthen Audit quality control and assurance system
2) Maintain risk based Audit Approach
3) Meet statutory timelines for audit reports.
4) Get Audit Manual for regularity Audit ( Both financial and compliance )
Goal 2

Strengthen, promote and support accountability in the public sector

Objectives of Goal 2:-
1) Ensure compliance with laws for accountability and good governance purposes.
2) An improved annual Audit planning is stablished
3) Strengthened integrity within the OAG office
4) Follow up implementation of Audit recommendation to the MDAs
5) Improved conditions and staff remunerations
6) Promote a culture that upholds accountability, integrity, and rejects waste, fraud and abuse of public resources.
Goal 3

To promote delivery of quality services to the public and effective and sustainable management of resources

Objectives of Goal 3:-
1) To provide stakeholders with timely and objective information on performance of public funded programmes.
2) Promote economic, efficient and effective management, and equitable sharing of public resources.
3) Promote environmentally sustainable management of resources.
Goal 4

To enhance communication and ICT capacity and systems for efficient operations

Objectives of Goal 4:-
1) Develop an integrated multi channel environment
2) Standardize business function and systems
3) Establish OAG ICT department for IT Audit and website maintenance
4) Strengthen ICT support capability
5) Strengthen stakeholder relations including parliament, Judiciary , Partners and president Office.
Goal 5

Sufficient infrastructure for efficient operations

Objectives of Goal 5:-
1) Strengthen the independence of the office in line with the constitution
2) Advocate office rent securing after PREMIS Exit
3) Ensure the office to get sufficient staff with required skills
4) Promote awareness campaign to promote the role and functions of the OAG
5) Strengthen management capacity for support services
6) Audit manuals are in place which are in line with international standards
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