Stakeholder analysis

The analysis below describes the individuals, groups, organizations and institutions that make use of, or have an interest in the reports of Auditor general.

Stakeholder Stakeholder’s interest OAG interest of
1) Timely production of quality and value adding Audit reports
2) Special Audit carried out on request
3) Capacity building
1) Deliberate Audit reports presented
2) Participate in consultative forums
3) Make timely recommendation for action on reports
4) Provide adequate funding for OAG audit processes
Council of ministries- The Cabinet 1) Assurance that public resources are accounted for and utilized for their benefit
2) Timely and user-friendly audit reports
3) Publish and publicize reports
4) Ethical and professional conduct
5) Timely certification of accounts
1) Sharing of information on issues that are of public interest and concern
2) Carry out Advocacy

1) Annual performance reports
2) Special Audit reports

1) Support in executing our constitutional mandate
Other Clients-Civil service commission, political parties, watchdogs and audit firms 1) Continuous feedback and
SMART recommendations
2) Timely and objectively reports with confidentiality
3) Participation of consultation forums
4) Information sharing and cooperation
1) Accurate and timely information
2) Follow up of audit recommendation
3) Timely response on issues raised during the audit
4) Information Sharing with other oversight bodies
5) High professional standards
Attorney General and
academic institutions

1) Compliance with existing laws and regulations             

2) Report on non-compliance

3) Recommendation which can improve governance

4) Active membership and constant learning

5) Ethical and professional conduct

1) Provide advice and support on legal matters

2) Training

3) Participation in knowledge sharing


International stakeholders 1) Compliance with standards for uniform reporting
2) Participation in peer reviews
3) Participation in workshops and other events
4) Capacity building
1) Participation in twinning/collaborative and exchange programs with other bodies
2) Participation in international workshops/forums
3) Provision of training for staff
4) Carry out collaborative audits with other SAIs

1) Timely and user-friendly audit reports
2) Publish and publicize reports
3) Ethical and professional conduct
4) Information Sharing
5) Visibility and social responsibility

1) Accurate and fair reporting
2) Sharing of information that are of public interest and concern
3) Carryout advocacy
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