This section provides an evaluation of internal and externalenvironment in which OAG operates. We analysed the internal environment by appraising the internal strengths and weaknesses of OAG. Further, we assessed the external environment by examining the opportunities and threats to the office.

1Office created by the constitutionLack of office running cost
2Independence assured by the constitutionInadequate communication with internal and external stockholders
3Independence and Institutional CredibilityLow implementation of policies, regulations and guideline
4Existence of OAG websiteInadequate professional skills and pool of talent
5Existence of an annual operational PlanOAG mandate not well understood by some key stakeholders
6The PFM act mandates the OAG to audit all public funds of the State (SWSS)Information Technology Governance and Enterprise Architecture
7Code of ethics developed, approved and disseminated.Inadequate computer system to work with
8Training opportunities in various fieldsLack of support from MDAs
9Stakeholder support – Parliament; auditees, media and other stakeholdersThe public financial management system and accountability still weak
10Regional and international cooperationInsufficient number of adequately trained auditors
11Fear of high staff turnover
12Under staffing of OAG office staff
13Inadequate performance management system
14The Audit bill was not yet approved by the Parliament
1Capacity building Support from our Partners (PREMIS) and other regional organizations.Poor accountability regime in public sector
2There is an increased interest in the work of OAG-Transparency and accountability.Poor logistical environment
3Increased demand for performance audit and there is technical assistance for thisInadequate funding
4Financial assistance available for continued professional accountancy training (ACCA, CPA etc.Perceived integrity issues
5Public and media trust and support.Inadequate implementation of recommendation and follow up on audit reports.
6Knowledgeable stockholders who demand accountability in use of resources.Security issue
7Relationship with other FMS and GS OAG offices for sharing experiences and best practices.Politicizing the OAG work and using it for campaigns
8OAG’s budget does not go directly to parliament
9Lack of enough budget allocation
10Political change in the state can affect the OAG.
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